Sophie Monk Gets Revenge On Cheating 'Dr. 90210' Boyfriend

Sophie Monk Gets Revenge On Cheating 'Dr. 90210' Boyfriend-photo

Ever wanted to get revenge on a cheating boyfriend? Well, you and Sophie Monk have something in common.

Actress and former girlfriend of Benji Madden spilled the details on how she got revenge on a cheating boyfriend to Australian radio show on 2DayFM. (Rest east Good Charlotte fans: The cheater wasn't Benji.)

The 30-year-old actress related how she walked in on her boyfriend–plastic surgeon and Dr. 90210 star John Diaz–with another woman:

"I rock up in the morning with a coffee and presents and he had a present there - a chick. I walked back in and went, 'What's going on?' and actually had a conversation. I spoke to the girl. She was in shock. I didn't know her. She was innocent. [Then] I spilt coffee on his car very strategically."

Just spilled coffee? It sounds like he got off easy.



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  • Ten

    Hello, they were BROKEN UP when this happened. She had no right o do this at all. She also liken her situation to that of Sandra Bullocks. Shes such an ASW.

  • nickynice

    yummm look at that nip.. i would lick and suck it all day long.. then i would plant my head in her unwashed bush and eat it like an all you can eat buffet...

  • annabannana56

    Hahaha :) You go girl.