Brad Pitt Finally Shaves His Beard (PHOTOS)

Well, well; it's reassuring to know that, after all this time, Brad Pitt still cleans up pretty well.

After rocking a beard that would make ZZ Top blush for the past few months, the Snatch actor showed off a clean-shaven look while filming his upcoming drama Moneyball in downtown Los Angeles on Monday.

*Sniff*; nice to have you back, big guy...

Click through the photo gallery and let us know in the comments section: Are you glad he finally shaved, or are you going to miss the homeless-dude look?



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  • Amyactually

    He be lookin' old!

  • yessica

    he has his cheeks too puffy!! ha ha,brad still has a dog face

  • rsac3

    YESSSS!!!! Number 4 in my wishlist: Brad Pitt shaves his beard: (Check)

  • sv

    Well, old or not old, I still say he is good looking.

  • djam

    Well maybe because he IS old?

  • annabannana56

    He looks old.

  • sydsouth

    * Rays of light have opened upon the clouds!!!!!!* 'Church quire singing'-----"HAAAAAAAA" * =}

  • feduccy

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