How Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer Troubles Hurt Her Case

It looks like Lindsay Lohan’s legal troubles just got a bit more complicated.

First, the troubled starlet’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, quit following her sentencing to 90 days in jail and now it seems that Lindsay reportedly can’t afford to hire a new lawyer.

After her first lawyer left, Lindsay hired a new lawyer, Stuart V. Goldberg to help her fight her jail sentencing. However, according to Goldberg (via TMZ), he was soon told by Lindsay’s business manager that they simply couldn’t afford his expensive services. Meanwhile, Lindsay’s camp says that they found Goldberg too eccentric and decided not to work with him.

Either way, it seems that Lindsay’s old lawyer is being ordered to remain with Lindsay until she can find new counsel. Judge Marsha Revel told Holley that she couldn’t quit and leave Lindsay without legal representation.

This is probably worse news for Holley than it is for the 24-year-old starlet: the high-powered lawyer was reportedly frustrated with Lindsay’s bratty behavior.

With all of her lawyer troubles, Lindsay’s chance to appeal her sentence is starting to disappear. Aside from the legal implications, the media attention that all of her lawyer troubles are getting paints her as a difficult client with a diva attitude–not the best reputation for a woman who is trying to save her image.

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