Is Joe Jonas Dating Ashley Greene?

UPDATE: According to sources, Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene have hung out a few times—and Joe has had his eye on Ashley romantically for some time—but Greene is currently dating actor Brock Kelly, whom she was spotted kissing last month.

Well, this is certainly one of the more interesting celebrity dating rumors we’ve heard in quite some time.

According to certain media outlets, Joe Jonas has gone on several dates with Eclipse beauty Ashley Greene, including on an intimate dinner date at London restaurant The Ivy just prior to Eclipse’s UK premiere in late June. (Jonas, 20, had previously spurred speculation that he had taken up with fellow Eclipse actress Nikki Reed, after being spotted cozying up to her on the red carpet of Eclipse’s UK premiere.)

And this is apparently no romantic flight of fancy; according to a source, JoJo is already “smitten” with Greene. Of course, it’s easy to understand why. If this is true. Frankly, we’re reserving judgment for now…

But that shouldn’t stop you from weighing in. Are Joe and Ashley dating? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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