Justin Bieber vs. the Internet: Now in Animated Form! (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber and the Internet used to be cool with each other. Best buds, really. In fact, if it wasn’t for YouTube, the world never would have had an opportunity to be enchanted by the “Baby” heartthrob.

But now, apparently, there’s been a falling out, and the Biebs and the Web have totally un-friended each other. And, as often happens when good pals go their separate ways, this has led to the Internet spreading all sorts of nasty rumors about its former BFF.

Confused about it all? Don’t worry, a Taiwanese news agency has broken down the situation in easy-to-understand animated form. Check out the video below to find out how the Internet totally turned on Justin Bieber. And make sure to crack open The Holy Bieble after the clip has cleared everything up for you.