Taylor Lautner on the Set of ‘Abduction’ (PHOTOS)

The bad news: Now that Eclipse has opened, we’ll be seeing a lot less of Taylor Lautner being hot in his promotional duties for the vampire flick.

The good news: Now that his schedule is freed up, Lautner can be hot in all sorts of other situations!

The Twilight beefcake brought a little ray of sunshine to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Monday as he began filming his upcoming action thriller Abduction. When he wasn’t busy looking all muscle-ish and tearing it up on a motorcycle, T-Laut took time out to sign autographs for some lucky fans between takes. Because the man is obviously class personified.

Click through the photo gallery to see Taylor put in a sexy day at work. And for more pics of celebrities doing their jobs and looking good while they’re at it, make sure to check out our Actors on Set gallery.