Why Miley Cyrus Is Losing Young Fans

Is Miley Cyrus a sell-out? That’s what Miley’s old-school fans are saying. You know, the fans who were into Miley during her earlier days, way back in 2009.

It seems that Miley’s new sexed-up image isn’t just earning her concerned looks from mothers across the nation, it is also losing her fans with her core fanbase: tweens.

The New York Times investigated Miley’s waning appeal on young girls (like, really young, 10 and 11) and found that most of them disliked how she ditched her Hannah Montana roots. Who knew young girls were as snobby as indie rock music nerds?

Most of the girls interviewed admitted that they don’t like Miley’s new sexier image and wish she went back to her “sassy skirts” days of Hannah Montana. It seems that when it comes to the younger set, most of them were into Hannah Montana, not Miley.

The young former fans also complain that the 17-year-old looks “too old” in her new “Can’t Be Tamed” video:

[The video] was weird. I feel like she acts 25. She looks so old. She is too old for herself.

(Meanwhile, 25-year-olds across the nation mute their screams in their pillows for being called “old” by tweens.)

Miley’s newest album, Can’t Be Tamed, has been underperforming, having only sold 102,389 albums in the first week. The New York Times attributes this to Miley’s new sexy image that is alienating her from her young fans.

Of course, while Miley is shedding younger fans she is actively trying to court older teens to turn them into Miley fans. Will it work? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see.