Is Spencer Pratt Crashing The Hills Finale?

Is Spencer Pratt Crashing The Hills Finale?-photo

If you've been following Spencer Pratt's Twitter account this week, you know he's planning something extra special and devious for tonight's live Hills finale party at Hollywood's Roosevelt hotel.

It's public knowledge that Heidi Montag and her ex (?) hubby Spencer weren't included in the night's festivities, but it looks like Spencer is planning on crashing the event.

Earlier, Spencer claimed he had been removed from the hotel, tweeting, "FYI Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel just cancelled all my rooms and said that they overbooked the hotel! NEVER QUIT NEVER DIE! ha CAN'T STOP ME."

And just now, Spencer tweeted this creepy pic, along with the caption "I'm here :)." UH-OH!

What is Spencer planning? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. We can't wait...and we're kind of scared!



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  • chrisburke

    Spencer needs to calm down and live in the real world, he's already ruined Heidi's life, lets make sure he doesn't ruin anybody else's!

  • leahrowell

    I can't stand his ass. If i were heidi I'd divorice him right away.

  • crimsonnclover

    OMG! I don't see how Heidi married him! Just like Lindsay Lohan, Spencer Pratt needs serious help.

  • molly

    what a freak. he's so creepy.

  • ilse

    omg he's a creep....look at him he almos resembels a homeless man

  • Park

    Not to be rude but The Hills is a total joke; sometimes, i believe that they are only hired actors/actresses putting on a show. If you see it like that, i say they are really good at what they are doing.

  • bridge


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  • jamie

    The close friends say he and Heidi are still together, she is filming away from him, that's all. And, he does have his house to live in. And, they never were married, but are still together.

  • buzzbuddy

    he's insane!

  • freshup16

    what a f-ing weirdo!!!! how scary. this guy is a phsyco!!!