Lindsay Lohan Is a Gun-Licking Nun in New ‘Machete’ Poster

Lindsay Lohan’s acting career might be up in the air thanks to her recent legal woes, but one thing’s for sure: If you need someone to dress up in a nun’s outfit and lick the barrel of an impressively large handgun, she’s your gal.

A new promotional poster for Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming flick Machete (out September 3), featuring LiLo as April Benz (aka, “The Sister”), has been released and, well, you can see the result for yourself above.

We’re not sure if the National Rifle Association would approve of Linds’ unorthodox handling of firearms, but this has to cater to some fringe fetish out there.

Click here to see the image in bigger, more magnificent glory. (Make sure to use our ZOOM feature.)

What do you think of Lohan’s Machete poster: Tasteless or hot? Share your thoughts in the comments section.