Robert Pattinson Says Taylor Lautner Comes Up Short as a Man

The debate between whether Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner is the prettiest Twilight hunk might continue to rage on, but the battle over which one is the manliest has apparently been settled.

During a recent interview, R-Pattz took a playful dig at Lautner’s manhood, suggesting that he doesn’t quite measure up in certain key aspects (and we’re not talking about the abs department). Describing the sight of Lautner in a skintight body suit that he had to don for CGI special effects, Pattinson boasted, 

“It seems like I’m always picking on Taylor, but the funniest moment was when he was in this little grey Spandex suit he sometimes had to wear for the CGI…Taylor quite frequently out-mans me, so seeing him in that little Spandex outfit made me feel much better about myself.”

Wow; we’ve never heard one man belittle another man’s equipment quite so gracefully. Well played, Pattinson. Well played.