Bret Michaels Shoots Down Engagement Rumor

Well, it looks like we can take the Rock of Love bus out of the garage because Bret Michaels is not gettin’ hitched!

The rocker denied reports that he is engaged to longtime girlfriend Kristi Lynn Gibson, insisting that he only gave Kristi a promise ring. Aw, that’s cute, Bret.

The former Poison frontman explains his girlfriend’s ring on the Early Show (via Starpulse):

No. We are not engaged yet. We’re a work in progress. [Her ring is] a promise ring… a friendship ring, with benefits. That’s what we call it.”

Well, it sure is sweet of Bret to give his gal a promise ring but we think he might be a little, uh, mature for giving out promise rings.

The 47-year-old musician and reality TV star was recently in the news for a slew of health problems earlier this year including a ruptured appendix, a brain hemorrhage, and the discovery of a hole in his heart. Many fans were wondering if the recent health scares would convince him to finally settle down with his girlfriend.

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