Brody Jenner Reveals Alternate ‘Hills’ Endings (VIDEO)

Did you think that the Hills final scene was the perfect Hollywood ending? Well, Brody Jenner reveals that there were several alternates in the mix–including one with him snuggling a co-star.

From MTV News:

One of the other endings, Lauren Conrad was in it. She had come back into the show for the last episode. I come back home, and basically Lauren’s at my place [and I tell her about saying goodbye to a friend]. We filmed this whole lovey-dovey scene as if me and Lauren had been together this entire time. So it was another fun, cool ending. … I think they thought it would confuse the viewers.

While that one sounds fun, we think the final ending between Brody and Kristin Cavallari against the fake backdrop was a perfect ending. As for how real the show is, Brody has a few wise words:

I would say it’s entertainment and just enjoy it; don’t question it too much. There were a lot of moments that were real and a lot of moments that were not so real.

Truer words have never been spoken.

The show had a good run but we think that the ending that aired was perfect for the show and its infamous trouble with the “reality” portion of its genre.

Watch the video of Brody detailing the alternate endings below.

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