BUZZINGS: Joan Rivers Wants to Help Lindsay Lohan Get Clean

BUZZINGS: Joan Rivers Wants to Help Lindsay Lohan Get Clean-photo
  • Joan Rivers offers to pay for Lindsay Lohan's rehab. We hope that doesn't cut into her plastic surgery budget. (PopEater)
  • So The Hills turned out to be as fake as Heidi Montag's new face. Are you shocked and outraged? Yeah, us neither. (Hollywood Life)
  • Finally, Jersey Shore's The Situation speaks out on the Gulf oil spill. Maybe he can soak it up with his hair? (Wonderwall)
  • Mike Tyson says he's a "pig" who "wasted" years of his life. Aww, don't beat yourself up over it, big guy. Seriously. Because that would really hurt. (Starpulse)
  • The Old Spice guy sends video responses to celebrities who've responded to his newfound fame. And thus the circle of the Internet is complete. (Buzznet)


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  • willie_D

    For as much as people make fun of Joan Rivers, she’s a thousand times funnier than any joke about her I’ve ever heard. As for LiLo, she needs to take care of herself. No one else is gonna do it for her.

  • rsac3

    that bitch woudn't get clean even if she had god by her side... she's f*cked up, that's all i can say...

  • sydsouth

    * No she doesn't Joan Rivers called her *