Inside The ‘Hills’ Shocking Final Scene (VIDEO)

Did you catch The Hills finale last night? Well, if you didn’t, you might want to move along because we have some big spoilers.

After six glorious seasons, The Hills finally came to an end on Tuesday night. Over the past few years, the reality show has come under fire for faking relationships, scripting dialogue, and creating drama. All of the hubbub eventually led producers to call the hit MTV show “scripted reality” instead of simply a “reality show.”

While the show never acknowledged the rising fame of its stars (which in turn undermined a lot of the story lines) viewers finally got a chance to see the show acknowledge the blurry line between reality and make believe in the wonderful final scene of the series.

In the scene, Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner (who dated in real life before The Hills) share a tender embrace. Kristin gets into a car and bids Brody farewell while the Hills hunk broods in a perfectly sun-dappled scene. Sounds a little too perfect, right? Well, it is, as you find out in the final moments.

The picture quality of the video below isn’t great (it was recorded on someone’s phone as they were watching the finale) but it still gives you a sense of what was going on.

What did you think of the final scene?

Watch the video below.