Is Taylor Lautner Back Together With His Ex?

Sorry, ladies; it appears that Taylor Lautner is no longer on the market, and has retreated into the arms of a former flame.

No, not Taylor Swift. Or Selena Gomez. According to reports, the New Moon beefcake has reunited with his high-school sweetheart, Sarah Hicks. A relationship snitch reveals,

“Taylor and Sarah are definitely back on. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and Taylor has always had a thing for her.”

Hicks’ Twitter account, at least, suggests that she currently has it bad for somebody, anyway; on July 6, as she was preparing to head off on vacation, Sarah tweeted,

“Saying goodbye SUCKS… sitting in the airport bathroom by myself. I’m a mess.”

And Lautner, of course, is currently off on location filming his upcoming action/thriller Abduction, so Hicks will most likely have to deal with her separation anxiety for a little while longer.

If, of course the report is true. Do you think Taylor and Sarah are back on and, if so, how long do you think it will last? Please do share your thoughts in the comments section.