Jennifer Aniston Is Causing Anguish for Chris Gartin’s Ex-Wife

Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to marital anguish dispensed at the hands of another woman. Now, apparently, it’s her turn to dole out the grief.

Joanne Gartin, the just-divorced ex-wife of True Blood actor Chris Gartin, is reportedly distraught after photos of the Friends actress and her ex-husband leaving in the same car after enjoying dinner at Los Angeles’ Sunset Tower Hotel on July 1 surfaced.

The Gartins’ divorce was just finalized at the end of June.

Joanne is particularly upset, a family member says, because Aniston has been a long-time friend to the estranged couple, who also pal around with Aniston’s BFFs Courteney Cox and David Arquette. Joanne’s stepmother, Robbie Ahlfield, tells Australian magazine Woman’s Day,

“It’s been difficult for Joanne. It just seems so bizarre to me because Jo and Jen are such good friends. I find it very strange that Jen would do that [to Jo].”

For the record, an Aniston spokesperson has denied any romance rumors about her client and Gartin. And when asked for comment, Joanne—an Australian-born wedding-planner-to-the-stars (how’s that for a bit of irony?), put on a brave face and declared,

“I’m really not at all interested in it.”

She did, however, acknowledge,

“Jennifer has been my friend—our friend— for over 10 years…we have known each other a long time.”

What do you think? Did Aniston poach her gal-pal’s ex before the ink on the divorce papers were even dry? Share your theories in the comments section.

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