Shaquille O’Neal to Take on Justin Bieber

Well, this seems like a bit of an unfair mismatch.

NBA star Shaquille O’Neal will reportedly go up against teen heartthrob Justin Bieber on the upcoming season of his reality show Shaq Vs., on which the basketballer challenges athletes in their own sports.

No word on what specific event O’Neal and Bieber will face off in. Will the 7′ 1″ dribbler challenge 5′ 4″ Bieber to a swoon-off? Bang-growing competition? Perhaps they’ll go head-to-head to find out who can pass through a revolving door more gracefully?

The possibilities are truly mind-boggling, so help us out in the comments section: Which activity would you like to see Shaq and the Biebs compete in?

And make sure to consult The Holy Bieble for guidance on Bieber-related spiritual matters.