Trace Cyrus Being Sued By His Own Band

Sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy. Just ask Trace Cyrus.

The famously opinionated brother of Miley Cyrus is being sued by his former bandmates in Metro Station, in part for once again shooting off his mouth—in particular, about how they just weren’t very good.

It seems that, in addition to being the group’s frontman, Cyrus was also the president of their Metrostation, Inc. corporation. And now his former brothers-in-rock have filed papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court requesting that he be kicked out of the company for good, because he was lousy at his job.

So what did Trace do? Well, he publicized the band’s breakup without approval from his fellow “shareholders” (aka, the other musicians in the group). Oh, and he also trashed their music on his Twitter account, tweeting,

“That sh*t was weak.”

Maybe so, Trace, but whose fault was that?