UPDATE: Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston Are Engaged (Again)

Something tells us that Sarah Palin is not going to like this.

Sarah’s daughter Bristol Palin has announced that she is engaged once again to baby daddy (and sometime-Palin family mocker) Levi Johnston. Yes, really.

The couple announced that they were dating again earlier this month but no one expected that the two would be getting engaged so quickly. The pair were previously engaged in 2008 but called off the wedding just two weeks after their son Tripp was born in December 2008.

After they broke their first engagement Levi then went on to pursue a career in Hollywood and appear in Playgirl magazine. He made headlines for dissing Bristol’s mom Sarah in public but he has since apologized for his previous behavior.

Bristol, 19, tells Us Weekly that the pair got engaged two weeks ago because “it felt right” even though they have yet to tell Mama Grizzly about their wedding plans yet:

It is intimidating and scary just to think about what her reaction is going to be. Hopefully she will jump on board.

Well, she might not be happy about having to find out about the engagement on the cover of Us Weekly.

Levi, 20, says that the two reconnected while working out custody plans for their 18-month-old son. Hopefully this engagement will stick.

UPDATE (10:30 a.m.): Sarah has released a statement to NBC News:

Bristol at 19 is now a young adult. We obviously want what’s best for our children. Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives.

UPDATE (9:10 a.m.): TMZ is reporting that Bristol and Levi aren’t sleeping together since Bristol took an abstinence pledge to remain chaste until she is married. Bristol also says she wants Levi to get married while wearing a cameo vest. Sounds classy!

Do you think Sarah will approve?