Andy Dick Motorboats A Female Fan In Hollywood (PHOTOS)

Leave it to Andy Dick to find a new way to shock us.

The NewsRadio star was recently spotted giving one lucky female fan a little lesson in motorboating. According to photographers, Andy pulled over once he saw the busty fan (and the photographers) and asked if he could, well, you can see for yourself.

The bespectacled comedian has had his share of problems in recent years, including a 2008 arrest after he pulled down a 17-year-old girl's top in public, an arrest earlier this year for allegedly groping a bartender and patron at a bar in West Virginia, and a drunken stumble into a family's home after he attended a wine tasting in April of this year.

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  • dude

    I always thought he was gay.

  • Jfarish

    he's a friggin jack***....News Radio star? the show hasn't been on in years which just goes to show how he's gone the Tom Green and Pauley Shore route into obscurity. I like how too his alleged involvement in the tragedy that befell Phil Harman's wife's relapse and consequential murder of Phil got swept under the rug and never was completely revealed/rebuked.

  • MDoubleU

    That's not a fan you idiot writer. That's Jackée Harry. Who does the editing on here. They need to be fired.

  • ilovedreamboats

    LOL! He is so craaaazzzzyyy