Are Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin Planning a Reality Show?

First comes love, then comes the proposal, then comes…a reality TV series?

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, who announced this week that they’re back on and totally engaged, are rumored to be planning a small-screen project that would follow their adventures in young parenting, with a sprinkling of family-values messaging thrown in for good measure. According to a source,

“Within the next four to six weeks Palin’s PR people will be releasing news that Bristol and Levi have signed on to ‘star’ in a new reality show. All about young parenting. And yes, they will also work up to a wedding. This is part of the planned ‘story arc.’ Sort of a Bethenny Gets Married but with a faux conservative/young Republicans spin. Levi will be promoted as young, decent, salt of the earth guy, Bristol will be seen dealing with the ‘challenges’ of young motherhood (with Trig and the nannies kept carefully out of sight.) Willow will be on a lot. (Since it’s not like she goes to school.) They’ll attempt to boost rankings in the first few episodes by having Sarah cameos, maybe some Piper thrown in there, but the rest of the time will be a ‘conservative young marrieds who just happen to already have a baby’ theme.”

Thank goodness; with The Hills finally riding off into the sunset this week, there’s bound to be a whole vacuum in the whole reality-TV programming thing.

Wanna get a taste of how Levi and Bristol might come across on the small screen? Check out the video below, via Us Magazine, of Bristol explaining how Levi proposed to her:

Aww, how romantic!

So, would you watch a Levi and Bristol reality series? Let us know in the comments section.

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