BUZZINGS: Robert Pattinson Leaves His Fly Unzipped at Work

  • Robert Pattinson walks around with the barn door open on the Water for Elephants set. R-Pattz: Taking Casual Dress Day at work to a whole new level. (Hollywood Life)
  • The Mel Gibson tapes may have been altered. What, did they crank the “insane nutbag” control up to 13? (PopEater)
  • Enrique Iglesias will water-ski naked in honor of Spain’s World Cup win. And we thought that the guys who paint their teams’ names on their bare chests were obsessive. (Wonderwall)
  • Brooklyn Decker took home the award for Most Smoking Red-Carpet Body at this year’s ESPYs. (Huffington Post)
  • Mad Men’s Crista Flanagan is posing nude for Playboy. Let’s hope this becomes a trend among her coworkers. No, not you, Hamm. (Starpulse)