New Alleged Mel Gibson Rant Leaked! (AUDIO)

Another day, another Mel Gibson meltdown.

As the Braveheart actor’s baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva, goes to court in an effort to strip Gibson of his child-custody rights, yet one more taped rant of Gibson allegedly bellowing at Grigorieva—for those keeping score at home, this is Rant #5—has found its way to the Internet.

So what’s on Mel’s mind this time? Oh, he’s a bit peeved that Oksana has supposedly drained his coffers, to the point where he even had to sell his box seats for Los Angeles Lakers games in order to make ends meet.

Hyperventilating and downright feral at times, Gibson goes on to hurl a barrage of misogynist slurs at the mother of his eight-month-old daughter:

“F*ckin’ user! You f*ckin’ used me! I will never forgive you!…B*tch, c*nt, wh*re, gold digger! All true! You f*cking proved it to me! If you’re ever interested in proving otherwise, let me know. If you don’t care, I know you know what you are too!”

Check out the leaked audio below. (WARNING: Very graphic, and littered with NSFW language.)

Stay tuned for more inevitable leaks.

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