Nick Jonas Clears Up ‘Les Miz’ Dating Rumors

Don’t worry, ladies; Nick Jonas is, apparently, still free and single.

Ever since the JoBro began performing in a London production of Les Miserables, rumors have swirled that he’s been dating one of his female co-stars. Various gossip-mongers have suggested that Nick had either been taking up with Lucie Jones or Samantha Barks, or perhaps even both at the same time.

However, Jonas has taken to his Twitter account to emphatically state that he’s not fishing off the company pier:

“Hey everyone! There is always rumors out there, and usually I don’t respond. However, there is one that was brought to my attention this morning that I would like to clear up. The story about me dating my both costars Samantha Barks AND Lucie Jones is untrue. I love and respect the people I work with very much. Love you all! I’m having a great time here in London doing Les Miz, and I can’t wait to see you on tour this summer!”

Jones, meanwhile, did her part to shoot down the rumors, Tweeting,

“Hey everyone … just wanted to clear up a rumour – there’s nothing romantically happening between nick and I guys! He’s a great friend but nothing more. Hope you’re all well, love you guys!”

Whew; now let’s all take a deep breath…