Rihanna Isn't Speaking To Chris Brown

Rihanna Isn't Speaking To Chris Brown-photo

We were all a little shocked when we heard that pop star Rihanna was back in touch with her abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown but it appears that the news was a little too weird to be true.

According to Gossip Cop, the "Rude Boy" singer's rep calls the claims that she is talking with Chris "absolutely not true." Maybe it was all just wishful thinking on Chris's part.

The rumor, initially started by a "source" in Heat magazine, claimed that the 22-year-old singer was touched by Chris's tearful tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards and had begun text messaging him. The source even went to add that Rihanna wanted to have a "face-to-face meeting" with the "Forever" singer. Of course, that would be nearly impossible since Chris has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Rihanna during his five years of probation.

In 2009, Chris was convicted to abusing his famous former girlfriend after they had an argument before the Grammys. Chris is currently on probation and his career has failed to recover since his conviction.

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  • Janiel

    He dont need to talk to her anymore because she put him through alot fo sh*t

  • sasha09

    Exactly im pretty sure he didnt tear her ass up just for goin on nd on about it she had to really piss hym off for hym to beat her ass lyk he did so b4 anyone knows the whole story yall need to shut the hell up nd use yall damn brains nd think nd anyway she deserved to get her ass beat!!I I LUV U CHRIS!!!!

  • Mom

    I am so proud of Chris Brown. His career is recovering and this young man deserves a second chance. The critics and media needs to leave him alone. Chris career is moving back on track so people need to stop being so negative. I do believe Rihanna was doing things to Chris in that car that night. He took all he could take. I do not believe in a man hitting a women. She did something and Chris Brown took the blame for everything. She is not a innocent girl and when Chris starting dating this girl I knew she was not good for him. He was a young man just starting out and this girl had already been hanging with Jay-Z, and others. She was experienced to this evil world and he had no idea what he was getting into. Chris Brown learned his lesson so leave him alone about this mess that happened in the pass.

  • likeCAESAR

    @emathews...yea its rihanna who needs to keep her hands to herself in this situation...::sarcasM:: Get a life loser

  • emathews

    Im thinking she has contacted him, but she can not let the world know after all the bs she done got up their talking about. it was none of business from the beginning. But coming from a womens point of view that whopping that she claims she got" you know you have to bring it to get it" just because ur female do not mean disrespect him fully someone is only going to tolerate it so far. when u took the keys instead of sitting on them, I'm pretty sure there was something greater than that to do, if your getting beat upside the head...bottome line keep ya damn hands to yourself!_>rhianna

  • creolegirl

    Who knows whats true and whats not, it could very well be an image saver for Rhi Rhi, or it could be false reporting...who knows let these kids live..why is every single move the make put up chopped to pieces for debate? If she did send a text message is it our bussiness NO..............would it affect our daily lives NO.......so again the question is why is this news?

  • amanda

    geez... why do ppl make such gargage like that up?!?! and of course idiots believe it when they read about it in the tabloids. these poor celebs have to issue public statments everytime something thats not true is said about them to confirm its just garbage but why bother, ppl are gonna believe what they wanna believe.

  • nat

    Why would you wish for a person to re enter an abusive relationship? Would you? Probably, I guess. Rihanna needs to stay far away from this idiot. He is insane. And, I always find it funny that people go out of their way to read an article, then comment, saying: 'Who cares?' If you didn't care, you wouldn't have given this article a second glance, let alone comment on it.

  • annabannana56

    Who cares...

  • miamiking_23@yahoo.com

    man i wish it was ture

  • ilovedreamboats

    I knew it couldn't be true!