Who Was Spencer Pratt Disguised as at the ‘Hills’ Finale Party? (PHOTOS)

Just who did Spencer Pratt think he was, crashing the Hills series finale like that?

As we all know by now, everyone’s favorite reality-TV villain decided to end the Hills’ run with a bang by making a big scene at the show’s finale party (he wasn’t invited) while decked out in a “disguise” consisting of a white wig, beard and mustache.

But who, exactly, was Pratt channeling with his get-up? In our ongoing and generally futile effort to figure this guy out, we’ve compiled a few possibilities. Click through the photo gallery to see them, and feel free to offer your own suggestions in the comments section.

And, since we’re sure this is far from the last we’ve heard of Pratt, make sure to keep checking back at The Adventures of Speidi for updates.