Erin Andrews Sues Hotels Over Peeping-Tom Incident

How angry is Erin Andrews over being secretly videotaped in the nude last year? About $1.2 million worth of mad.

The ESPN reporter and recent Dancing With the Stars contestant is suing several hotel chains for negligence and invasion of privacy, claiming that she suffered “severe and permanent emotional distress” over the incident. Andrews’ complaint names Marriott International Inc.; West End Hotel Partners LLC and Nashville Marriott At Vanderbilt University; Windsor Capital Group Inc.; Radisson Hotels International Inc.; Ashtel Inc. and Radisson Hotel Milwaukee Airport; Ohio State University and The Blackwell Inn; and Preferred Hotel Group Inc. and Summit Hotels & Resorts. 

Andrews is also suing Michael David Barrett, the man who pleaded guilty to interstate stalking in December. During his trial, Barrett testified that he had rented hotel rooms next to Andrews’ rooms in three cities, admitting that he had altered the peepholes on the doors of Andrews’ rooms and videotaped her in two locations. Barrett is currently serving a 2 1/2 year jail sentence.

In her complaint, Andrews alleges that the hotels confirmed her stays and gave out her room number without permission.