U2: The Richest Band In The World

While they may not be viral favorites like Lady Gaga, Irish rock legends U2 pulled in a hefty $130 million last year, making them the richest band in the world for 2010, according to Forbes magazine annual list of the world’s wealthiest musicians.

Following in a close second was AC/DC, who pulled down $114 million from their insanely successful tour. Also on the list: Beyonce and her boo Jay-Z, Madonna and Britney Spears. Country music also made a strong showing with Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith breaking into the Top 10.

The list was calculated looking at tour profits, album sales, endorsement deals and other business ventures.

Check out the Top 10 richest musicians of 2010 below:

1. U2 – $130 million
2. AC/DC – $114 million
3. Beyonce – $87 million
4. Bruce Springsteen – $70 million
5. Britney Spears – $64 million
6. Jay-Z – $63 million
7. Lady Gaga- $62 million
8. Madonna – $58 million
9. Kenny Chesney – $50 million
10 = Black Eyed Peas – $48 million
10= Coldplay – $48 million
10= Toby Keith – $48 million

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