'Jersey Shore' Cast Gets Massive Pay Raise Following Strike

'Jersey Shore' Cast Gets Massive Pay Raise Following Strike-photo

After launching a weekend filming strike, the cast of Jersey Shore can look forward to a hefty pay raise as they head into their new season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the cast will be getting close to $30,000 per episode for the filming of their new season "2.5." That's close to a 200% increase from their original salary for season one, which was close to $5,000.

The cast originally announced that they were on strike this weekend when they were preparing for shooting "at home" scenes for the "2.5" season. The cast was reportedly upset because they wanted to renegotiate their contracts before the shooting of the new season.

Things got complicated when show producers reportedly called the cast "expendable" but MTV didn't want to lose their magic guido cast.

Not everyone in the cast will be getting paid the same amount: Certain stars like The Situation will get massive bonuses if ratings meet certain requirements. However, we don't think that anyone in the cast is scoffing over their big pay raise.

As for the pay raise and strike, MTV released the following statement:

We don't comment on any contractual conversations. Season 2 premieres July 29 and production is on schedule.

We guess that going on strike can sometimes pay off!

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    I find the cast funny, but we are laughing at them not with them. Angelina is really trashy, as a 43 year old mother of a 15 year old I would die if she asked and conducted herself like her. OMG what a piece of trash. Ihope she uses condoms. I find the boys cute, pauly, ronnie, vinny and lastly mike, he has a nice body but he is not cute, How is he the most popular I do not know. Paulie and Ronnie are certainly the cutest. As an italian - american I do find it insulting at time. Italian has nothing to do with their behavior. Angelina is probably 1/4 italian and she is made to appear as if she is italian, same with Jenny and even Snookie. the only real italian in the bunch is Sammie and she is the only lady in the bunch.

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    I'm sorry, but that show was funnier than hell. At least its entertaining unlike "The Hills" bullsh*t. Who cares, if my ass was in their "SITUATION" I and all of you would be trying to milk it for as much as you can, because they know that show isn't going to last forever. They are smart for asking for more money, dolla dolla bills ya'll...cream.... Cash Rules Everything Around Me....

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