Jessica Simpson Finds A Wrinkle

Jessica Simpson Finds A Wrinkle-photo

Uh oh: Jessica Simpson just found a wrinkle.

The Price of Beauty star recently tweeted that she found a wrinkle after turning 30 earlier this month:

It is official- I'm 30 and found a wrinkle. Damnit!!

Aw, don't worry Jessica, we're sure that the wrinkle wasn't a big deal–you are only 30!

Even if she allegedly found a wrinkle, the gorgeous singer isn't losing male attention: Jessica has recently been linked with former NFL player Eric Johnson and the two took a romantic vacation in Italy earlier this month to celebrate Jessica's big 30th birthday.

We think Jessica is confident enough with the way she looks to avoid getting worked up about a little ol' wrinkle. The blonde stunner created The Price of Beauty which focused on good and bad beauty standards put on women throughout the world. Surely she learned a thing or two about good body image from that show!

Do you think Jessica should worry about her wrinkles?

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  • Julia

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  • Deborah

    where is it? i don't see any wrinkles that aren't normal!

  • annabannana56

    Oh that's bad honey...Somebody needs botox..