Lindsay Lohan Cuffed, In Jail

Lindsay Lohan arrived at a Los Angeles courthouse to begin serving her 90-day jail sentence on Tuesday morning, and was quickly handcuffed during the court proceeding and taken to Lynwood Correctional Facility. Judge Marsha Revel did not allow any video or photographs of the cuffing to be taken inside the court. The 24-year-old starlet arrived seven minutes after the 8:30 a.m. PST deadline to turn herself in and was pelted with glitter on her way up the court steps.

Watch: Lindsay Arrives to Court, Gets Glittered

Lohan arrived to the courthouse wearing a jacket and sleeveless top, and sat silently as the judge went through the motions before ordering Lindsay to be handcuffed. Judge Revel insisted that there will be no early release or house arrest during Lindsay’s sentence.

In the hours before her deadline to report to jail, Lohan used her Twitter to vent her feelings about her impending incarceration.

“the only “bookings” that i’m familiar with are Disney Films, never thought that i’d be “booking” into Jail… eeeks” — via Lindsay’s Twitter

Also, just hours before she was due to surrender, lawyer Robert Shapiro quit her legal team after coming on to represent the troubled starlet thanks to her previous lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, also jumping ship. Sources in Lindsay’s camp brushed off the news that Robert was quitting by saying that the celebrity lawyer was “just consulting” and that “Shawn never really left.”

Watch: Lindsay Breaks Down During Her Sentencing

Lohan was sentenced on July 6 during an emotional day in court. After pleading her case with Judge Marsha Revel — including a tearful apology and explanation as to why she had missed mandatory alcohol treatment classes. Lohan explained to Revel and the court that she ” did do everything I was told to do and did the best I could to balance jobs and showing up … It wasn’t vacation, it wasn’t some sort of a joke.”

Revel didn’t feel the same way, and compared Lohan to “somebody who cheats and thinks it isn’t cheating if she doesn’t get caught.”

Lohan’s jail sentence will be a new chapter in her life, but it won’t be the first time she’s seen the cold steel of jail bars. In 2007, Lindsay spent 84 minutes behind bars after pleading guilty to drunk driving and drug charges. Due to jail overcrowding, there’s a good chance she’ll send far less than her 90-day sentence this time around, with many predicting she’ll serve just 23 days — or about 25% of her sentence.

The downward spiral for Lohan was unfortunately another tale in the all-too-common story of Hollywood getting the better of a young and talented star. Shooting to fame as a child actor thanks to films like ‘The Parent Trap’ and ‘Freaky Friday,’ Lohan eventually transitioned into a teen bombshell. Her acting career peaked with ‘Mean Girls’ in 2004, and shortly after that, her woes and the headlines they caused began to outshine her career.

Quickly gaining a reputation for being a party girl, Lohan’s big downfall came in the summer of 2007, when she was arrested twice on separate driving under the influence charges. Her sentencing for those incidents is what led to the probation she violated, leading to her current jailing.

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