Sandra Bullock Seeks Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

Sandra Bullock may have been largely MIA in the weeks following her high-profile breakup with husband Jesse James, but there was apparently one person who came dangerously close to tracking her down: Her accused stalker, Thomas James Weldon.

The Blind Side actress, who claims that Weldon has been stalking her since 2003, is seeking a three-year restraining order against the 41-year-old man, after he allegedly attempted to contact her in her Jackson Hole, Wyoming, home last month.

Bullock’s initial restraining order against Weldon, obtained in 2003, expired last year. In the years between, Weldon voluntarily checked into a mental institution in Tennessee, but was subsequently released—it’s not known when—and in June turned up in a Wyoming emergency room, telling hospital staff that he had driven from Tennessee in order to meet Bullock at her Jackson Hole home.

In a sworn declaration, psychiatrist Jiri Danczik wrote of Weldon,

“His preoccupation with Ms. Bullock is obvious.”

Danczik goes on to state that Weldon believes he has communicated with Bullock telepathically. (Though Bullock has never met Weldon, her attorney, Ed McPherson, asserts that he ha sent her numerous e-mails and faxes over the years.)

Pretty scary stuff—especially given that Bullock now has an adopted 7-year-old son, Louis, in her care as well.

A court hearing for the order is scheduled for August 6. Until then, Bullock has secured a temporary restraining order.