Suspected Jennifer Aniston Stalker Arrested

Jennifer Aniston has just encountered the dark side of fame. The former Friends actress has obtained a restraining order against 24-year-old Pennsylvania resident Jason Peyton, after cops arrested Peyton last week while he was “laying in wait in a location he believes [Aniston] frequents.” And Peyton wasn’t dropping in to exchange pleasantries—according to TMZ, he was found in possession of “a sharp object, a bag, a roll of duct tape and written messages” professing his love for Aniston. Peyton also had the words “I Love You Jennifer Aniston” carved into the hood and doors of his car.

According to the court papers requesting the restraining order,

“Peyton is an obsessed, mentally ill and delusional stalker—with a history of violence and criminal stalking—who drove cross-country in his delusional ‘mission’ to locate and marry [Aniston], with whom he believes he is in a relationship.”

Luckily, Aniston was away on business at the time of Peyton’s July 15 arrest.

Peyton, who reportedly has a violent past that includes stabbing himself and hitting his mother with a golf club, is currently being held on a 5150 psychiatric hold. Per the restraining order, he must stay at least 100 yards away from Aniston’s home, places of work and vehicles. He is also prohibited from contacting the actress’ employees, agents and other business associates.