Jon Hamm Wants To Fight Emmy Winner Bryan Cranston

Watch out, Bryan Cranston: Jon Hamm and Hugh Laurie are coming to get you.

Jon recently joked to People magazine that he and House actor Hugh are planning on taking the Breaking Bad actor down because they were jealous of his Emmy domination last year.

From People:

Hugh and I have a feeling that we’re going to get together after this year’s Emmys and just beat the s*** out of Bryan Cranston. That’s what is going to happen, and we’ll just distract him somehow, because he’s very fit.

Both Hugh and I are very, very creative and very intelligent, so we will come up with some way to do that that will be untraceable to us … although my saying it out loud to the press may have ruined our plan.

The three actors were all nominated for Emmys last year, but Bryan took home the award. This year the three TV thespians are all up against each other again and the competition certainly sounds fierce (and handsome).

Both Hugh and Jon have been nominated for Emmys several years in a row, but neither have won for their critically-aclaimed shows. Bryan has taken home the Emmy for his role on Breaking Bad two years in a row.

Jokes aside, Hamm should be happy another actor with a hit AMC show has been winning critical acclaim.

Who do you think should take home the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama?

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