Khloé Kardashian Thinks Inside the Box


Khloé Kardashian, the infamously outgoing Kardashian sister, shared another one of her adorably interesting childhood anecdotes. Now she reveals on her blog her affinity for boxes and posted this photo of herself emerging from her cardboard haven to awaiting big sis, Kim.

Khloé explains,

“I was a sucker for boxes when I was little LOL. As a child, I definitely had a BIG imagination, so I could pretty much turn a box into anything. Sometimes I still find myself eyeing up a big box and thinking of all the fun things I could turn it into.”

Then she has a genius revelation…

“Honestly, what do kids even need toys for?! Just throw them a few massive boxes and they’ll probably be happy. Ok, it’s settled…I’m getting Mason a box for his first birthday! What do you think Kourt would have to say about that?! I’m not sure she’d be too thrilled with me ;)”