Mel Gibson Allegedly Threw Oksana’s Son Onto a Table

Another ugly allegation has been made against Mel Gibson by Oksana Grigorieva, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child. But unlike previous accusations that she’s leveled against him, this time there were reportedly witnesses to the act.

According to TMZ, Grigorieva—who earlier claimed that Gibson punched her in the face while she held their infant daughter—now alleges that the Passion of the Christ helmsman became violent, grabbing her 12-year-old son, Alexander, and throwing him onto a table after the boy tried to snatch a cigarette out of the actor’s mouth.

The incident supposedly took place during a party in Costa Rica last year, and was brought up during a mediation meeting in May, when the estranged couple attempted to set up a custody arrangement and financial package. Gibson’s attorneys offer a different version of events, claiming that “numerous adults and children” who witnessed the incident characterized the event as playful clowning, with Alexander “accidentally” falling into the table as he leaped for Mel’s cigarette.

No matter whose version of events lies closer to the truth, one thing is for sure: The Surgeon General was right about smoking leading to health risks.

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