Report: Mel Gibson’s Ex Investigated for Extortion

The complicated feud between Mel Gibson and his estranged baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva, has just taken another twist.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department has reportedly launched an investigation into whether Grigorieva, 40, sought to extort money from Gibson. The Braveheart actor claims that Grigorieva demanded big bucks—up to $10 million, according to some accounts—in exchange for keeping the now-infamous tapes of his verbal outbursts under wraps. (Grigorieva has adamantly maintained that she was not the source of the tape’s leaks.)

According to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore,

“Extortion allegations were brought to our attention [and] we’re looking into it.”

If Grigorieva is sweating the investigation, she definitely isn’t showing it. Or at least her spokesperson, Stephen Jaffe, isn’t. Responding to news of the probe, Jaffe noted,

“Looking into something is very different than launching a formal investigation.”