Taylor Momsen Gets Racy for 'Miss Nothing' Video

Taylor Momsen Gets Racy for 'Miss Nothing' Video-photo

Taylor Momsen is once again proving she's no cookie-cutter teen star thanks to her band The Pretty Reckless' new video for the song 'Miss Nothing.' In the video, the Gossip Girl vixen with a penchant for not wearing pants does her best to keep her racy reputation going, as she writhes around on a piano as a gaggle of elder onlookers ogle her in amazement. See for yourself:

If that initial description didn't give you enough insight, here's what New York Magazine's Vulture has to say:

Smashing a glass on a dude's head, writhing on the floor and angrily throwing fruit are just a few of the ways Momsen lets us know that she’s not your average 16-year-old, just in case there is anyone left in the world who hasn't realized that already.

Taylor's Reckless is not just a hobby or side-gig she does between seasons on Gossip Girl. The songstress recently said that music is her real passion, and that ultimately her goal is to be accomplished with a guitar, not a video camera:

It’s something I’ve wanted to accomplish my whole life. Not to just make a record, but a great record that I’m really proud of and to sing for the rest of my life and not have to f***ing worry, know what I mean? Even if people don’t like it, I like it and I’m proud of it.

What do you think of the video? Love it or hate it? Comments, people!



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  • KitKatya

    i think tht she writes and sings amazing music in every single way possible!!!! and shes pretty!!!

  • lenner

    i wonder what her the grinch costars think of her now .... good song and talented singer though

  • stephania

    lol shes a mess and has some serious issues! so glad gg kicked her off the show!

  • Didi

    halloween has nothing to do do with pop music....

  • Emma W
    Emma W

    I'm seriously disturbed

  • music16

    she look like a damn raccon crawling on a table she needs to stop acting like that she looks a mess

  • Violet

    this video sucks an this chick is weird o_0

  • jane

    I love the song and her voice is awesome! But the video is a lil bit too much I think..

  • layla

    im just curious on why everyone bashes miley about her music video for i cant be tamed and the clothes she wears on tour while everyone is giving taylor momsen compliments and saying nice thinks to say when taylor is younger than miley. I honestly think they're both great and some people just bash miley because they dont like her, how can you not like her when you've never met her and you only judge her on the characters she has played. maybe if people listen to mileys new album you'll see who she really is. I thought it was amazing

  • simplydiffer

    i hate her attitude, but dude this song is kick ass. where can i get the album? she kinda reminds me of courtney love a little except without the charm.

  • Adeline Kädré Manga
    Adeline Kädré Manga

    WOW! every1 thinks soooo bad but DAMN! she can sing n they shouldnt compare her 2 miley cyrus cuz dats jst WRONG

  • Revolting.

    Wow, I feel dirty having watched that. Looks like a strip club audition. The whole video is just very awkward and...eewww. If she really believed in her music she wouldn't have to dress and act like that. She claims to be rebelling but the bigwigs at Interscope are ECSTATIC they have this little girl prancing around in her underwear trying to sell records. It's all marketing schtick. She's a cog in the machine and a poser for trying to deny it.

  • emma

    I love taylors music, but i don't think she looks good atm. She actually looks high.

  • cassy

    she needs to actually grow up

  • andy

    I like this song and her. But i wish she would do her makeup alittle better.

  • Ricki

    Wow...and people are calling Miley all these names, and this girl is 16...wow...that's fair...not!

  • Corrigo

    wow, the way she acts sometimes rubs me the wrong way, but I can't help liking this. Classic sassy grungy punky girl rock. Kinda like Garbage, No Doubt and a little bit of Matchbox 20... I like it!

  • izzy

    This video's awesome! I can't wait for this band to take off. omg same. i cant wait until her start doing big worldwide tours and starts touring the UK. come to scotland hhaa!

  • annabannana56

    Me too...We need some real music!

  • Kat

    This video's awesome! I can't wait for this band to take off.