There's Something About Zac Efron

There's Something About Zac Efron-photo

No doubt, Zac Efron is a stand-up guy—or at least his hair is.

The High School Musical hunk showed up for the premiere of his new movie, Charlie St. Cloud, looking like he'd applied a healthy dollop of industrial-strength adhesive to his hair to keep his meticulously unkempt 'do vertically secure.

A fetching look—but man, it's familiar. Cameron Diaz was seen sporting a very similar look in the 1998 classic There's Something About Mary, as seen on the left in the above photo.

Ah, but who wore it best? That's where you come in. Take our poll below and let us know: Who's the true master of the tidal wave (patent pending)?



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  • Guest

    lmfao, Zac Efron compared to a woman.

  • kenna

    The hairstyle of Zac Efron makes him very cute because those eyes of his .For Cameron Diaz she looks fake but I understand she had the hair style first. Zac really rocked it though because you know he is hottttttttttttttt

  • Nalva

    Very good article. I thought nobody had noticed that he is always trying to copy someone or copy the hairstyle of someone now, he looks so fake lately.

  • Nalva

    He is always trying to copy someone or the hairstyle of someone now, he looks so fake lately.

  • Susanna

    Zac. He's so goodlooking and such a sweetie pie. Besides, the do makes him look taller! He hasn't had any plastic surgery he's just grown up and instead of looking like a boy he looks like a man. Love you Zac.

  • frejamacarons

    ew he looks like a woman, he obviously gets his eyelashes curled and i think he has had some sort of nose job because his nose looks so much thinner, and he looks like rob lowe a freaky plastic surgery victim and he looks like a manorexic hobo

  • Luiz Alencar
    Luiz Alencar

    cameron. haha

  • annabannana56