Angelina Jolie: I Did All My Own Stunts on ‘Salt’!

At San Diego’s Comic-Con convention on Thursday, Angelina Jolie revealed that she was drawn to her upcoming spy thriller Salt because the action in the Philip Noyce-directed film is based in reality, not fantasy. But at times, it seems, the action got a little bit too real.

During a panel discussion on the movie, Jolie—who performed her own stunts for the film—recalled an injury she sustained while performing a not-terribly-challenging stunt. As she rolled across the floor, the Wanted actress inadvertently collided with a desk, bumping her head.

While no doubt painful, Jolie noted that there was a lighter side to the injury: Initially, she thought she had sustained a concussion because she was having difficulty hearing, but eventually realized that she was still wearing her protective earplugs for her shooting scenes.

Nonetheless, while Jolie’s hearing may be fine, she revealed that she still bears a small scar from the incident.

Action wasn’t the only thing that drew Jolie to the film; during her Comic-Con appearance she went on to note that she was attracted to the duplicity and damage in her character Evelyn Salt’s personality. (In the movie, Jolie plays a CIA officer who goes on the lam after being accused of spying for the Russians, and embarks on a mission to clear her name that only serves to cast more doubt on her loyalty.) Noting that there’s “something off” about the character, Jolie offered,

“And there’s something off about me. At the end of the day, this film is about what you choose to do with your life and where you stand.”

Or, perhaps, where you roll. Just watch out for those desks getting in your way.