Julianne Hough Thought Ryan Seacrest Was Gay

Ryan Seacrest spent months trying to court the gorgeous Julianne Hough, but at first, the Dancing With the Stars pro didn’t think it was anything romantic. It’s not because she thought he was just trying to be friends — she thought the American Idol host was gay.

TMZ, quoting a spy who overheard Julianne gushing about how her months-old relationship with Seacrest started, is reporting that Hough went on to explain that Ryan had been trying to get her attention for quite a while.

“He was after me since I was 18 … he totally wasn’t my type … I thought he was gay,” Hough said, according to TMZ’s source.

That’s nearly two years of persistence from Seacrest, as Hough just turned 20 years old on July 20. His dedication paid off, as the two have been a legitimate couple for a few months, TMZ says.

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