Justin Bieber to Appear on 'CSI'

Justin Bieber to Appear on 'CSI'-photo

Justin Bieber is about to take a down-and-dirty trip into the criminal underworld. Or at least the TV version of that underworld.

CBS has confirmed that the 16-year-old "Baby" singer will make his acting debut on the season premiere of its crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The Canadian singer will play Jason McCann, a "troubled teen who is faced with a terrible decision regarding his only brother." Even better, Bieber's character will have an "emotional story" that will resurface later in the season. The network didn't reveal how many episodes the singer will appear in.

The season premiere of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation airs on Thursday, September 23 at 9 p.m.

Will you tune in to see how Bieber fares in his acting debut? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Nicolelynn Champ
    Nicolelynn Champ

    hey everyone except miley cyrus i love justin bieber .

  • janete

    i love you Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eu te amo muito !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me adiciona no orkut:janetemarialucena@yahoo.com. e no msn :jane-maria-medeiros@hotmail.com. Beijossssssssssssssssssss te amo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • monisola

    Wow! cant wait.

  • Sara

    can't wait to se him act :)

  • aisha

    first playing himself in a nickelodeon production called school gyrls then guest appearance in true hackson, then jason deebs' on snl > overall review of acing not good...so..don't get it ..he's a good singer i will give him that

  • b3lieber4eva

    gnna be freakin awseom first jason deeps(snl) now jason mccan lol! he's already strted filming according to his twitter,he posted a pic and he looks hot lol! soo gnna watch this

  • simplydiffer

    i will watch it if he is murdered in the show. don't like him at all... but i hope he has a long real life.

  • Alison

    Now I know for sure CSI has jumped the shark.

  • mrs. justin drew bieber
    mrs. justin drew bieber

    omg i cant wait!!!!... now the show will b even bettr!! :)

  • Joel Urquhart
    Joel Urquhart

    Please let him die, please let him die...

  • annabannana56

    Hahahahah!! Is he going to play raped girl or something like that? xD

  • blimibash

    I'd only watch if he appeared as a cadaver