Kendra Wilkinson Works It all out With Baby Hank (PHOTOS)

Babies: They’re cute, endlessly entertaining, and when it comes to building upper-body strength, they really come in handy.

Just ask Kendra Wilkinson, who incorporated her 7-month-old son, Hank Baskett IV, into her workout routine while shooting her new exercise DVD Be a Knockout With Kendra. As the former Girls Next Door girl notes on her official Web site,

“Working out is twice as fun now that I have baby Hank to use as part of my weight lifting routine lololol. My lil guy is the best workout partner I’ve ever had but somehow he’s never sore the next day haha.”

Way to stay pumped about your family, Kendra. 

See Wilkinson bear the weight of motherhood in our adorable and health-conscious photo gallery.