Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Care About Her Critics

Let it be known, haters: Miley Cyrus has no time for your complaints.

The 17-year-old Hannah Montana star, who’s recently come under fire for her sexy new image and provocative choices in clothing, tells Entertainment Tonight (via OK! Magazine) that if people don’t like the new Miley, that’s their problem—and nobody’s forcing them to pay attention to her, anyway:

“I don’t really listen to criticism because if you don’t want to watch my video you can always turn it off. Or if you don’t want to listen to my music you don’t have to…So I’ve never been one to really care about what people think, because I’m the artist and that’s the art that I’m doing.”

Say what you will about the appropriateness of her wardrobe, Cyrus has already developed the tough skin necessary to see her through a career in the spotlight.

Do you think Miley is being unfairly judged, or is she doing a disservice to her young fans with her sexy new image? Sound off in the comments section!