Was Kristen Stewart Edged out of 'Dragon Tattoo' Lead?

Was Kristen Stewart Edged out of 'Dragon Tattoo' Lead?-photo

Sorry, Kristen Stewart fans; your dreams of seeing the Twilight beauty kicking butt as hacker Lisbeth Salander in a The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo remake probably won't be fulfilled.

Sony Pictures has issued a December 21, 2011, release date for Dragon Tattoo, and a short list of potential actresses for the lead role is rumored to be circulating. Unfortunately, while K-Stew was reported to be in contention for the part, her name is apparently no longer included in the mix

Based on the 2009 Swedish hit (which, in turn, was based on the first book of author Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy), Dragon Tattoo has become the source of rabid casting speculation, with everyone from Stewart to Natalie Portman to Carey Mulligan said to be in contention for the part of Salander. Though Mulligan has now confirmed that she won't be pursuing the part, other actresses currently said to be in the running include Ellen Page, Alice in Wonderland lead Mia Wasikowska, Sucker Punch's Emily Browning, and The Social Network's Rooney Mara.

The role of publisher Mikael Blomkvist is also yet to be cast. Daniel Craig is in talks to play the part, a possibility that seems increasingly likely following the recent decision to put the James Bond movie franchise on indefinite hiatus.

Don't worry too much about Stewart, though; in addition to the two-part Breaking Dawn finale of the Twilight series, which will begin filming in the fall, K-Stew is currently preparing to film the big-screen adaptation of the classic Jack Kerouac Beat Generation novel On the Road, in which she'll play Marylou.

With K-Stew out of the running for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, who would you like to see in the lead role? Share your thoughts in the comments section, and watch the trailer for the original Swedish version -- featuring Noomi Rapace as Salander -- below:

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  • Refugio Torp
    Refugio Torp

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  • Brodie

    I have read the book and seen the swedish movie. I can tell you this, Kristen Stewart WOULD NOT be able to pull off this roll.This is a dark and twisted book. I don't think that she is that strong of an actor. Don't get me wrong she was amazing in the runaways, but she also had Joan Jett on her 24/7 to make sure she got it right. I think they need an unknown actor who will put everything into it, not someone who already has a career.

  • crmomof2

    In an interview that I saw in May and a second in June. Kristen gave the impression that she would love to do this film(being polite) but that she thought that her current filming commitments would not allow her to participate in this. I got the impression that she was not actively pursuing this film. Or that she thought that someone would get the role. She said that whoever they get she knew that it would be someone good. I think that she would be great for it, but I wonder if she would want to commit to a Trilogy after doing five films for the Twilight Saga. I personally hope that she is still in the running. I read that Cary Mulligan opted out of the running.

  • angelclari

    ohh well she could always star in different movies :P

  • Dee

    Thank god! Girl can't act to save her life! Ellen Page all the way! LOVE her!

  • ivony8520

    i havent read the books or seen the movie but i think kristen would be good in it.shes a good actress and she does well in these mysterious movies.but since shes not gonna do it i dnt think natalie portman shuld.she is too sweet fr it.maybe angelina jolie?shes done kick-ass movies...bt i dnt know

  • commentor

    as much as i want her to be in this movie. kristen shouldnt get this role. she should lighten up on her roles.

  • Steff17

    I think kristen will do it great!!!

  • Emily

    It should be Ellen Page.

  • Celia

    K-Stinker doesn't need to get anywhere near this movie. She's a terrible actress. Ellen Page or possibly a really great unknown would be the best choices since Noomi Rapace isn't reprising the role.

  • Marry Bangenkill
    Marry Bangenkill

    twilight girls: marry, bang, kill marrybangkill.org

  • Anna

    Thank god. God knows kstew can't act her way out of a box. And anyone who disagrees with that...well...nothing can convince you that the world is round anyways.

  • whitecatthorn

    I think they should use an unknown

  • Bullett

    The 3 swedish films are absolutely wonderful, and I'm not sure if anyone could really replace Noomi. That said though, while watching the films, and having heard a U.S. version of them was in the works, I couldn't help but think how amazing Kristen Stewart would be in the role. If she's no longer in the running, I think it's a huge error on their part. She was born to play Lisbeth.

  • simplydiffer

    they should just leave the movie alone. the swedish version is amazing (subtitles of course, but the acteress is great!) kstew i think could have pulled off a lesbian badass motorcycle hacker well

  • Brittany Bolden
    Brittany Bolden

    i think maybe her filming schedule for other films would get in way. i can picture her doing this. i can't picture cary mulligan doing it.her look is too soft. ellen page.. i don't think her look or voice is right. idk. i haven't seen the original. only time will tell i guess

  • Ali

    I actually picture Kristen Stewart while reading this book. She's a kick ass girl.

  • NMH

    althought i think kristen is the best actress of her generation and she's awesome, i think they all would suck at the role. the original movie is the best and it's not going to get better just because the americans' remaking it. they shouldn't do it, just leave the original series alone!!!!

  • RGB

    I'd love to see Kristen Stewart in it. I think, with a good director, she could stretch into the role. If she doesn't get it though, Noomi Repace should do it in English. Daniel Craig could carry it, star-wise, and they could "introduce" Noomi Repace. I DEFINITELY do not see Natalie Portman in it. Despite the dark parts she has played in the past, she has always looked vulnerable and sweet, never ruthless or kick-ass.

  • ray

    Natalie Portman could be great in it, the others you can trow away

  • ray

    Natalie Portman could be great in it, the others you can trow away

  • yeah

    she didn't fit the part anyway this is good news yeah and besides the original movie is awesome, i doubt they'll find someone as good as the swedish girl, she is AMAZING!

  • annie

    she didn't fit the part anyway this is good news