Why Wasn’t Brad Pitt at Comic-Con?

Angelina Jolie’s Comic-Con appearance was confirmed last week, and rumors spread that her equally famous significant other Brad Pitt would also be in attendance. For some reason, though, the only thing resembling Brad at the festival was a cardboard cutout.

A panel insider shared with Celebuzz last week that Pitt was indeed in talks to promote his Dreamworks comedy Megamind, and a large amount of money had even been offered to try and secure Pitt’s presence.

During the panel for Pitt’s upcoming animated feature, director Tom McGrath announced that the actor was unable to attend because he needed to take care of the family’s six children, but in a later interview with Celebuzz he changed his story.

McGrath said Megamind star Jonah Hill had to leave right after the panel to head to the Moneyball set, adding that the movie set was “also where Brad is today.” (Pitt and Hill co-star in the baseball drama, which is currently filming.)

Oh, and ***SPOILER ALERT*** Brad’s absence also might have had something to with the fact that his character is killed off VERY early in Megamind. The whole hilarious death scene was shown in a five-minute teaser clip shared with the crowd.

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