Ashley Greene Is a Gym Dandy (PHOTOS)

Even when she's busy working up a sweat in the name of fitness, Ashley Greene can't help but surprise and delight us with her radiant presence.

The Twilight beauty emerged from a Los Angeles gym post-workout on Thursday looking not at all exhausted and oh-so-stylish. Ash immediately ducked into the nearest boutique to switch out her sweaty duds for something a little fresher, as she did earlier this week. When you've got Twilight money, sweaty clothes don't last long.

Dive into the photo gallery and work up a sweat yourself with our pictures of the lovely Ms. Greene. And make sure to check in at The Forks Report for updates on all things Twilight-related.



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  • lully

    she has great body...

  • sspp78

    is it just me?or did anyone else notice how wide her shoulders are???:O so what? shes got a great body

  • holly

    is it just me? or did anyone else notice how wide her shoulders are??? :O

  • Nicole Kear
    Nicole Kear

    At least she takes care of herself, unlike Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse....

  • Nicole Kear
    Nicole Kear


  • Nicole Kear
    Nicole Kear

    OMG she has a great toned body. I never noticed how muscular and toned she looked in the Twilight movies.

  • 1617

    Ew. i dislike this girl sooo much

  • Marry Bang and Kill
    Marry Bang and Kill

    girls of twilight - marry, bang, kill

  • SeattleFashionista

    She may look like a fitness buff, but she certainly know how to dress up and impress! I love and use what she uses for make-up / cosmetics, I sell them too. If you want to know more about what ashley greene is using for make up personally, visit me and ask me for the list! I would be happy to give it to you!

  • annabannana56

    She's starting to boring me with all the fitness and gym sh*t.