Eminem Calls Kanye's Swift Ambush Uncool

Eminem Calls Kanye's Swift Ambush Uncool-photo

Eminem has done his share of offensive things during his career, but according to the 'Recovery' rapper, Kanye West stepped over the line when he infamously snatched an MTV Video Music Award away from a deer-in-headlights Taylor Swift last year.

In an interview with Spin magazine (via NY Daily News), Em reflects on the moment, saying:

"He shouldn't have done that, man ... I mean, she's a little girl."

Kanye's ambush has apparently been on Eminem's mind. In a song titled 'No Love' on his new album, Eminem asks "where the f--- is Kanye when you need him?/snatch the mic from ‘em/b---h, I'mma let you finish in a minute/yeah that rap was tight/but I'm about to spit the greatest verse of all time/," riffing on Kanye's declaration that Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' video was the greatest of all time.

While Em is on Team Taylor when it comes to this incident, he also gets a bit introspective in the interview. He tells Spin that in the harder times of his career:

"I was trapped in my head. I'd spent most of my career going against the grain. Calling bull****. And suddenly, I started running out of enemies ... I started to become that cliché: my own worst enemy."

In case you forgot how Kanye's VMA fail went down, refresh your memory:

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    ''I mean, she's a little girl." I think he just dissed Taylor,not Kanye xDDD That's so funny :) Honey,you're the queen of Celebuzz!! So funny!!!

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    ''I mean, she's a little girl." I think he just dissed Taylor,not Kanye xDDD That's so funny :)

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