Lindsay Lohan’s Co-Star Says That Jail Will Probably Do Her Good

Could spending time behind bars ultimately be a positive experience for Lindsay Lohan? Danny Trejo, her co-star in the upcoming Robert Rodriguez movie Machete, certainly seems to think so.

Questioned about Lohan—who began serving a jail sentence for probation violation on Tuesday—at San Diego’s Comic-Con, the 66-year-old actor opined that LiLo might benefit from the cooling-off period:

“I honestly believe that she might need the break. She might just need a break to get grounded and just chill out for about 30 days and see where her life is. I think once she gets her mind cleared and…if there are people around her that arent saying, ‘Hey, stop!’ then she needs to get rid of them.”

Trejo speaks from experience; his troubled past has included several jail stints, most notably a lengthy stay in San Quentin State Prison, where he entered a 12-step program that eventually helped him overcome his drug addiction.

And when Lohan does get sprung from the clink, Trejo notes that he and others will be waiting to help keep her on the straight and narrow:

“She knows who to call when she needs help, and she knows who to call for the people around her that are staying clean. She got caught up, and now it’s time to get uncaught.”

Do you think that Lindsay will emerge from her jail stay better off or worse off? Share your predictions in the comments section.

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