Michelle Rodriguez: Lindsay Lohan Needs to Learn Her Lesson

Michelle Rodriguez: Lindsay Lohan Needs to Learn Her Lesson-photo

Michelle Rodriguez and Lindsay Lohan have a lot in common—and not just the fact that they both have roles in the upcoming Robert Rodriguez movie Machete.

A veteran of multiple DUI arrests and jail time herself, Rodriguez has special insight into Lohan's situation. So what's her advice for LiLo, who's currently serving time in the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, California (where Michelle also did time)?

At San Diego's Comic-Con this week, Rodriguez says Lohan needs to learn her lessons on her own—and that the rest of the world needs to let her do so:

“Every human being on the planet has their own path in life to walk. And their own lessons in life to learn...We should all as fellow human beings just respect that—and let people ride out their wave."

Hopefully when that wave breaks, Lohan will land on solid ground.

Do you think people need to butt out of Lindsay Lohan's troubles? Hit us up with your opinion in the comments section.



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  • Liberty73

    I have a new found love for Michelle Rodriguez she is a beautiful woman in and out!

  • annabannana56

    She will never learn her lesson. NEVER,

  • Luca

    I think Michelle is correct to a point. Lindsay is human and some folks forget that. But that forgetfulness goes both ways. Some folks demonize her like she's even more guilty because she's a celeb. Which is not very cool. But others treat her like she's less guilty because she's a celeb. Very very not cool. She should be getting zero special treatment from anyone. No special guests outside of the rules, no extra time off. no 3rd chances that others wouldn't get. she did the crime, she serves the time. period. And whoever is giving her trumped up RX for drugs needs a license pulled. Plus the insurance companies should drop her until she's clean and sober (which would cut her out of her precious jobs). Magazines should stop putting her on the covers and the court should have pulled a 'no profit from your crime' on her to prevent all this million dollar post jail interview stuff. That kick in the butt would send a strong single to Ms Lohan that her precious celebrity world doesn't approve. Force her to clean up her act. Before the next DUI has a dead body on it. And it probably won't be her

  • Raines

    Can you PLEASE stop printing anything about the Lohans?? Really don't care what happens to any of them. Added bonus if you can stop printing about anybody who seem to exist in the 'celeb' world for no reason, waste taxpayer's money because of their stupidity, does not contribute to humanity and has no real relevance to the rest of the world. There's entertainment, then there's just plain idiocy. Just encouraging these annoying people to their most basic nature - not pretty!